Realisable iMan for Complex Sage Integrations

A recent eCommerce survey discovered that while 30% of Sage Customers with an eCommerce site were using Magento, in many of those cases, Magento and the Sage ERP were not integrated. Having spoken to companies with this arrangement, we’ve learned that the primary reason behind the lack of integration is that companies don’t realize there are purpose-built integration applications to integrate Sage ERPs to not only Magento but WooCommerce, Shopify and VisualSoft; as well as Salesforce and Sage CRMs. Some even offer the option to link to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay,, Walmart and cDiscount. And for those who want true systems integration, there are applications that connect to SAP Concur for expense and invoicing solutions and SagePay, Cybersource and NAPS for credit card payments.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many different purpose-built integration applications. The one we prefer and recommend today is Realisable iMan. Realisable iMan offers all of the above integration options, as well as a complete SDK (software development kit), which allows developers like CyberSense to add connectors and link to virtually any data source. Thus giving you a truly integrated and interconnected solution.

The power of Realisable iMan allows companies to contemplate a system where not only their eCommerce site is integrated to their Sage ERP, but where the eCommerce solution can be expanded and integrated into multiple marketplaces, and the sales team can manage the data through their CRM. Integration of this magnitude gives a company a genuinely interconnected, flexible solution to help drive top-line revenue and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Another element that makes iMan so powerful is the ability to customize workflows. As an example, let’s say you have developed a list of warning signs to detect credit card fraud. With iMan, it’s easy to create a workflow that checks each order against the list of warning signs, and instead of writing a flagged order directly into the ERP, redirects the order to a team member for verification. Or, let’s say you want to send an email to a customer the moment their package is shipped, and then write the tracking number back into their account at the store so they can track the delivery. Or maybe you have a company-specific workflow you want to trigger when a particular condition or group of conditions is met. With Realisable iMan all of this, and more, is possible.

Complex iMan Workflow

A Higher Level of Expertise

Chris Moylan, CyberSense’s CTO, has orchestrated custom integration projects that Realisable has described as the most sophisticated uses of iMan they had ever seen. In one example, Chris’ team designed and implemented an integration solution with three Sage 300 deployments (the USA, Canada and Germany), two POS systems, five payment gateways and a handful of in-house developed applications.

With this level of expertise in-house, CyberSense is positioned to analyze, design, execute, and support any level of complex eCommerce integration requirements. If you have a Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, VisualSoft, or virtually any eCommerce solution that you need to integrate into a Sage ERP, contact us for a consultation at / +1.519.851.8515.

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