A Custom SAAS Solution that
Revolutionized an Industry



A team with more than 25 years of hospitality experience wanted to revolutionize the menu creation and distribution industry. Their vision? Menumodo. A digital solution to help restaurants and hotels create and manage custom-designed menus, and easily distribute them online.

From personal experience, the team knew the time and effort spent on menu creation and management process and even then, the quality was poor and menus being out of date was a constant problem. The industry had not moved beyond an analog process that relied on antiquated tools and constant reprints – making it impossible to have a real-time online presence.

The team had the background, connections, and idea. They came to CyberSense to help make their concept into reality.


A modern, flexible, SAAS solution that allows the food & beverage industry to immediately digitize and display existing menus, while also offering an end-to-end process for creating, managing, and distributing menus in a digital environment. Streamlining the menu creation and management process, and saving industry players time and money at the same time.

  • Workflow Consulting
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Third Party System Integration
  • Web Design + Branding
  • UI/UX

Two Paths to Success

The new subscription service was designed with two pathways for client success.

Restaurants and hotels that prefer to use offline menu creation tools can leverage a subscription that allows them to upload and digitally display and distribute their menus. Regardless of the original format of the upload, menus are automatically converted to a format that allows their contents to be indexable and searchable by search engines.

Restaurants and hotels that want to move away from offline menu creation can employ the service to create their own custom menus directly within the tool – leveraging custom fonts, colors, styles, and designs. Subscribers for this version can also select whether to display content as a single menu, multiple tabs within a single menu, or even multiple menus. A breadth of custom design and functionality capabilities that are critical in such a brand-focused industry, built directly into the tool.

Regardless of which pathway subscribers follow for menu creation, all menus can be saved and deployed digitally within iframes, direct website embeds, and/or external links – built in flexibility to accommodate a variety of existing platforms across the industry. Importantly, users can also leverage the menu code snippets or links to display menus on third party services such as Open Table – broadening reach and consumer exposure beyond their own platforms.

The Menumodo SAAS tool also solved the challenge of real-time representation for an industry driven by seasonal changes and farm-to-table availability. Efficient workflow design means that as soon as a user saves changes to a published menu within the system, those changes are instantly deployed to all live instances of that menu across any website or platform.

Imagine a restaurant or hotel chain with hundreds of locations around the world being able to entice diners to their brand through custom-designed menus with up-to-the-minute offerings, distributed across the web in a moment – all through one unified tool. Menumodo imagined it. CyberSense helped them make it real.


Menumodo went from start-up to industry leader with a clever idea executed with the flexibility and efficiency demanded by a fast-paced, high-competition, brand-driven industry. The SAAS solution became the foundation for more than 15 years of growth and ongoing evolution that has helped them retain a reputation as the trusted partner for menu development and distribution for some of the most recognizable hotel and restaurant brands across the globe.


CyberSense shared Menumodo’s entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm about finding a way to modernize an aged industry process. Beyond that, we brought the technical expertise, business acumen, and integration experience needed to guide their team to success and develop a custom SAAS solution that brought their concept to fruition.