Blog Installation and Newsletter Distribution

vol 02  no 02

In this edition of the CyberSense newsletter, our primary goal is to discuss the benefits of maintaining a blog. In addition, we discuss the advantages of sending out regular e-newsletters to highlight promotions, products, services, and new website content. We also talk about the importance of establishing a modern web presence as well as web coding techniques that will positively impact search engine results.

Robert Blackburn


what makes an effective e-newsletter?

Maintaining an e-newsletter is a fast and inexpensive way to regularly communicate with your target audience. If you throw in a strategic structure and content-generating tools, managing an e-newsletter can be a game changer.

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why every business should have a blog

Maintaining a blog can significantly impact your website's exposure, and specifically speaking, your search engine rankings. By now, we hope most of you know how real of an advantage it is to be highly ranked with search engines for the most popular keywords in your industry.

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the importance of a modern look

In a world where most customers and businesses meet for the first time on the web, there isn't a faster, more effective way of making a good first impression than through a modern internet presence.

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the importance of website coding

Web coding standards and strategies have evolved quickly over the last couple of years and search engines are driving the changes. In this article we talk about some of those changes and why it might be important to follow suit.

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