Central Signing Service

Exponential Business Growth Driven by an Integrated Web Solution

Central Signing Service


How does a notary service with a distributed team of independent agents go digital, become more efficient, and keep its data 100% secure?

This was the question Central Signing Services came to CyberSense with once they realized they could not exceed their existing capacity using the manual workflows and processes in place. Without exponentially building their on-ground team – adding significant overhead and administrative burdens in the process – they were pigeonholed by their existing workload.


A custom, web-based tool designed around a new, fully-digital, integrated workflow including:

  • Workflow Consulting
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Existing Systems Integration
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Marketing

CyberSense worked with Central Signing to develop a highly efficient workflow that moved the team from hardcopies, fax, and U.S. mail to a digitally-driven solution completely built around their business. We then designed and developed a custom, fully-integrated, web-based tool to support the new workflow from signing request through account closing.

The new platform had to seamlessly handle a complex workflow based on significant levels of person-to-person communication across a broad geographic location, and maintain the highest level of security for the personal data collected.

CyberSense built a custom solution that offered efficiencies at every milestone.

  • Integrated processes allow bank and lending intuitions to sign-up, and digitally submit detailed notary signing requests, directly from the application
  • New workflows allow in-house employees to quickly facilitate signing requests by identifying agents geo-located near the borrower, and instantly surface that request to the agent without picking up a phone
  • Custom dashboards and new email alerts allow lending institutions, Central Signing, and their associated agents to work through the process in an intuitive fashion
  • Real-time data allows all parties to see where a request is in its lifecycle, and independently move it through the key milestones they control
  • Integration with the existing finance system supports automatic invoicing, payment, and collections; including system locks on parties that don’t pay for the service within a gievn period of time


Within months of completion, Central Signing Service (CSS) quickly saw an uptick in their business while also being able to reduce overhead. In short order, they were able to triple their business with less than half the overhead they had prior to CyberSense’s custom solution.


CyberSense offered the business acumen and real-life experience to effectively redefine Central Signing’s highly-complex and involved workflows and processes, AND the UI, Development and Integration expertise to design and develop a fully-integrated, 100% custom web-based platform to facilitate the new workflow.