Integrating a Highly
Customizable ERP to Sage 300



Founded in 1975, Lamcom is the leader in large format printing and interior signage in Quebec. Lamcom had not upgraded its technology in several years. Consequently, everything was done manually, which meant that employee costs were much higher than their competitors.

Production is a very complicated process, and customers demand a very short turnaround time, which led to very high stress levels among staff. After looking at more than 15 solutions, it became apparent that there was no off-the-shelf software that could meet Lamcom’s incredibly unique needs. This meant that the only option was to build a custom solution with custom integration between the ERP and Accounting.


This integration project was one of the final steps in a much larger project that replaced Lamcom’s existing accounting system with Sage 300 and integrated a highly customizable ERP from Puresol. The ultimate goal was to improve overall operations through optimized business processes, strengthen the company’s bottom line, and make order processing and fulfillment faster, simpler and smoother.

  • Systems Integration
  • ERP Expertise
  • Workflow Design
  • Business Consulting
  • Workflow Development

CyberSense’s integration of Puresol to Sage 300 was an essential part of the overall solution. Without this critical piece, Lamcom would not have been able to use Puresol as their ERP, which would have caused the entire project to fail.

“It had to be custom, I didn’t find anything… maybe there’s something that exists but, I’ve never seen anything like the PureSol software integrated to Sage 300 that we’ve built. We’ve built something pretty cool!”
Laurence Lefebvre, Vice President, IT Strategy


Lamcom feels that the new system gives them a huge competitive advantage, because no other printing company in Quebec has the type of integrated system that Lamcom now has. They feel that within one year they will be, by far, the most efficient large format printing company in Quebec.

The new, integrated system has:

  • Greatly reduced employee stress
  • Given Lamcom a much better view of the company’s profits, costs, production, and individual job profitability
  • Greatly reduced errors
  • Given Lamcom bi-directional synchronization of critical data between the ERP and Accounting
  • Allowed Lamcom to reduce staff by 6 employees while increasing production and improving employee and customer satisfaction

“With the automation enabled by the new system we have 50% fewer errors, which has saved us thousands of dollars a month in lost productivity.”
Laurence Lefebvre, Vice President, IT Strategy

Lamcom says that the new system is used by everyone everyday without exception. In fact, salespeople and graphic designers are using the new system every hour of every day.


“Chris (CTO at CyberSense) prevented us from making mistakes before they happened. I like that when I work with people…instead of just fixing the errors, they prevent the errors from happening. That’s experience.”
Laurence Lefebvre, Vice President, IT Strategy

“Building a SAGE integration from the ground up meant lots of unknowns for us – but from the beginning, CyberSense laid a clear path for the project. With their experience, we were able to not only finish the project successfully, but also they helped us improve our core software.”
Harun Kinali, Founder, Puresol