Customer Portal

Give your customers the power and flexibility they need to self-manage their ERP-related account information in real-time while saving your company time and resources better used toward revenue-generating initiatives.

Today’s customers demand modern, effective self-service tools to manage their account information such as orders, invoices, payments, and more. Tools that show them up-to-the-minute information from your ERP, but are intuitive and easy to navigate.

CyberSense’s Customer Portal is the tool you need to provide your customers with a powerful, flexible, engaging experience while saving your team the time and effort otherwise spent managing customer accounts.

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Empower Your Customers. Transform Customer Relationships.

CyberSense’s Customer Portal gives your customers the tools and flexibility they need to quickly and easily manage their transactional account data within a single, intuitive, flexible portal.


  • Manage Account Information
  • View Current + Past Orders
  • Track Order Shipping
  • View + Pay Open Invoices
  • View Payment History
  • View, Save, Print Past Invoices


  • Robust Order Search by Product, PO, Invoice, etc.
  • Real-Time Pricing
  • One-button Quick Reorder
  • Reorder single items or full orders

Seamless ERP Integration

Give your customers instant access to vital ERP account data, including orders, payments, invoices, and customer information through a single, intuitive self-service portal.

Tiered Access for Maximum Control

Give your multi-location customers more when you combine our customer portal + our Multi-Location plugin upgrade + your eCommerce website. Multi-location, tiered access allows designated users to easily manage location-based views, user access, standing orders, purchasing options, and more directly from the website for maximum control and workflow efficiency.

Cloud-Based, Anytime Customer Access

Our cloud-based system gives your customers the ability to view up-to-date account information at any time from any device.

Single Sign-on with eCommerce Integration

Integrate the customer portal with your eCommerce website to give your customers single sign-on access for shopping, purchasing, and account management.

Save Your Company Time and Money

The CyberSense customer portal frees your staff from spending time reviewing customer invoices and responding to ERP-based questions, and allows them to focus on revenue-generating initiatives for maximum growth opportunity.

Encourage Customer Loyalty and Increase Overall Spend

Go beyond order-level discounts and encourage customers to increase overall spend by incorporating relationship-level loyalty points, discounts, and promotions.


Find out how our experts can help transform your business for optimal growth.