Leveraging a custom, integrated, multi-store web design and development project as a springboard for 60% YOY growth

JLF collections


JLF collections is one of the largest California-based furniture and lighting manufacturers for hospitality. They came to CyberSense with three key business problems that impeded growth potential, right at the time product development and production capacity were primed for expansion:

  • A decision to rebrand as a collection – bringing 4 disparate, branded product lines under one umbrella – had led to brand confusion
  • An ancient website that was not only obsolete due to the rebranding exercise, but had not kept up with cutting edge product design & development – leading to conflict in brand perception
  • A 100% manual Quoting workflow that was disconnected from the Sage CRM, keeping quote capacity at well below production capacity


A custom, multi-store website developed for full CRM integration to positively impact marketing, sales, and workflow efficiency. Services provided on this project included:

  • Workflow Consulting
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Existing Systems Integration

CyberSense partnered with JLF collections to develop a best-in-class multi-store website that brought together their disparate brands under one umbrella, updated their branding to reflect their industry-leading status, and highlighted the visual strength of product while incorporating critical industry-level content for purchasers and designers. Importantly, in addition to modernizing JLFc’s branding and UX, CyberSense built the site for full Sage integration, and added new features that helped streamline the quoting process.

  • Single multi-store platform enables the marketing team to quickly and easily leverage products, content, and imagery across all websites – or limit to a single brand – through a single back end.
  • New, Pinterest-like idea boards (called charettes) allow designers to combine furniture and lighting designs from all 4 brands, add finish and detail selections, and import offline swatches and images for customization. The high-touch interface and customization options helped elevate JLFc to more of a design partnership, rather than just a manufacturer.
  • Industry-leading UX design allows designers to search and select products across all brands through a single login, and send product selections straight to quote through charettes – enhancing cross sales and offering a seamless customer journey for increased conversion rate optimization.
  • A new, integrated quotes workflow pulls product data straight from both the website product database and a designer’s custom options within a charette. Automation incorporates all required information without manual requirements, reducing turnaround times and improving
    the customer experience and conversion rates.


The new multi-store website cemented JLF collections as the leader in domestic hospitality manufacturing, reduced bounce rates, and increased quoting capacity by a minimum of 50%.
Alison Neff, VP of Design for JLF collections says, “Our new family of websites has become the launching pad for a modern, fresh look and feel for our brands; and a foundation for additional marketing we could have never implemented before including social media and digital outreach. It also helps us quickly get our hottest products across all brands in front of our audience to minimize the lag between conception and sale.”
“By any KPI, this project was a win,” adds the VP of Marketing. “From reduced bounce rates, to increased customer interaction and stickiness, to an ability to showcase thousands of products quickly and easily, I can’t think of an area of sales and marketing the new website did not improve. Importantly, the charettes and quote workflow automation allowed our quoting capacity to catch up to production capacity, helping us increase sales 60% YOY in the first 12 months.”


CyberSense brought the workflow, Sage integration, and development acumen to create a 100% custom website built around complex manufacturing requirements while also making it accessible for a small sales and marketing team to easily manage. Combined with the sharp design aesthetic and branding expertise of our sister company, DesignWorks, we were able to create a modern, integrated website that also enhanced the customer journey and power of the brand for our client.