Full ERP-to-Website Integration
as a Driver of Efficiency and Growth



Rhode Island Novelty (RINCO) is a leading designer, importer, and wholesale distributor of amusement toys, novelties, giftware, and incentive merchandise in the United States. They operate under several targeted brands, one of which is The Toy Network.

As part of an expanded brand strategy for The Toy Network, RINCO wanted to develop a new website with fresh branding and eCommerce-to-ERP integration. Part of the challenge was that the integrated eCommerce solution they had historically relied on was based on older technology, and industry support for the solution was slow and unreliable.


A multi-pronged solution that incorporated a modern ecommerce site with custom ERP integrations, fresh visual brand identity, and improved user-experience design (UX).

  • Workflow Consulting
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Web Development
  • ERP Integration
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX
  • Branding
  • Collateral Development

A Fresh Visual Brand Identity

Prior to designing the website, CyberSense partnered with RINCO to develop a new visual brand identity for The Toy Network that was first implemented in their annual catalog mailing. That visual identity, which walked the line between toy-focused fun and B2B professionalism, became the foundation for the website design – modernizing their brand and creating consistency across channels.

An Integrated and Sales-Driven Website

In line with the brand ID’s balancing act between product and audience, CyberSense designed and implemented an ecommerce website that both highlighted the brand’s fun-focused product and leveraged a quick and easy customer journey for their B2B audience. Importantly, CyberSense helped RINCO improve administrative and operational efficiencies by creating a platform that leveraged key integrations and automation processes.

Engaging our distribution and integration expert, we mapped out key integration requirements between the new website and ERP and implemented an ERP integration tool that both eased administrative requirements and improved operational workflows. Examples include:

  • View historical orders and invoices generated on both the site and within the ERP
  • Manage and update location information from the site, driving updates in the ERP
  • Reference payment terms
  • Select payment by terms or credit card
  • Track shipments
  • Quickly reorder previous orders
  • Filter products in a variety of ways
  • See substitution products if a key product happens to be out of stock
  • Automatically add and update website products based on changes in the ERP
  • Automatically add and update customers on the site based on changes in the ERP
  • Restrict the display of products if missing key information, and provide notices of missing information within the website admin system
  • Allow mass uploads of images to include automated watermarks
  • Allow easy management and mass uploads of search and filter criteria
  • Provide level 2 & 3 credit card processing that will save transaction costs
  • Flag customers and orders in the ERP when certain actions occur on the website


The Toy Network site launched with full ERP-to-website integration, creating significant operational efficiencies for the company. In addition, an improved UX has increased engagement and retention for key customer segments.

CyberSense has since become involved in additional operational aspects of RINCO’s business, and has begun work on several high-profile initiatives with a separate RINCO brand.


“CyberSense has been a great partner in developing our digital needs. Their professionalism, integrity and quality of work has allowed our relationship with CyberSense to grow as they have become our go-to partner.”
Michael Nowak, RINCO Director

CyberSense has the extensive eCommerce and integration experience to provide a complex ERP integration solution and new workflows to improve business processes. With ERP experts, distribution experience, and the ability to deliver custom solutions, CyberSense was the clear choice.