Dynamic Marketing Automation

Increase customer engagement and conversions and shorten the sales cycle with real-time, personalized messaging, imagery, automated outreach and more.

Looking for ways to create compelling, personalized customer experiences in real time? Wish you could streamline marketing outreach, while also making it more targeted and engaging? CyberSense can help you implement a Dynamic Marketing Automation Platform that enhances marketing KPIs and boosts revenues – while minimizing manual efforts and increasing efficiencies.

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Dynamic Customer Experiences. Automated Marketing.

Choose a Dynamic Marketing Automation Platform that will create compelling, personalized customer journeys in real-time; automate targeted customer outreach; and provide detailed reporting to help shape sales and marketing activities.


  • Online Behavior Segmentation
  • Client Demographic Groups
  • Comprehensive Personas with CRM Integration


  • Targeted Advertising and Imagery
  • Custom CTAs
  • Variable Headlines, Messaging, Content


  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Quote Conversion Reminders
  • User Behavior-Driven Promotions
  • Client Demographic Promotions


  • Real Time User Behavior Statistics
  • Amalgamated Segment Behavior Data
  • Comprenhensive Customer Data Integrated with CRM

Deliver Tailored Customer Experiences for Specific Users and Customer Segments

Target users by their online behavior – search patterns, downloads, navigation and landing pages. And, combine behavior patterns with customer segments from your ERP or CRM to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Improve Conversions with Dynamic Content and Imagery

Trigger deeper emotional connections with headlines, messaging, CTAs, and imagery that are dynamically displayed depending on each user’s website behavior, login criteria, or customer segment.

Automate Personalized Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Increase reengagement and shorten the sales cycle with automated emails to prospects or users who have landed on specific pages, abandoned carts, searched for specific products, have outstanding quotes, and more.

Leverage Real-time Integration with ERP & CRM

Anticipate user behavior and deliver personalized customer experiences by integrating key customer data from your ERP or CRM into your marketing automation rules.

Shorten Sales Cycles with Intelligent Pricing and Promotions

Dynamically feature targeted pricing and promotions based on calendar dates, customer logins, segments, or behaviors.

Comprehensive Reporting Helps Drive Sales and Marketing Behavior

Leverage real-time user behavior and comprehensive segment information from the website to guide direct sales outreach, and shape marketing strategy for positive impact.


Find out how our customer experience experts can help transform your business for optimal growth.