Sales + Service Portal

Reduce ERP license usage and Empower your team with a more productive way to generate quotes, place and update orders, manage relationships and edit ERP data; all in one easy place.

Do your sales and customer service teams require licenses to your ERP in order to generate quotes, place orders and manage customer relationships? Do they struggle to find efficiency because their workflows don’t align with your ERPs design? With CyberSense’s Sales Portal, transform your business with a modern, integrated tool that allows internal staff members to efficiently manage customer orders and requests any time, from anywhere.

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One Portal. Complete Customer Management.

Our sales and service rep portal integrates with your ERP and has the following out-of-the-box capabilities. In addition, the system is completely customizable in order to address unique requirements and maximize workflows.


  • Create + Manage customers
  • Manage billing and shipping addresses
  • Configure Customer Permissions


  • Generate Quotes and Orders
  • Convert Quotes to Orders
  • View Current Orders and Quotes
  • View Open Invoices and Backorders


  • View Current + Past Orders and Quotes
  • View Payment History
  • Place reorders by product or full order
  • Robust Order search by Product, Invoice, etc.
  • Track Order Shipping


  • Up-to-date inventory status
  • Tiered Views + Access
  • Configurable edits, tax rates, currencies
  • Custom discounts + promotions
  • Manual override for shipping, pricing, discounts
  • Payment Processing Integration
  • Line item and Order-level comments
  • Automatic Notifications

Seamless ERP Integration

Give your customer service and sales teams instant access to vital ERP account data including orders, payments, invoices, and customer information through a single, intuitive portal.

Tiered Access for Maximum Control

Tiered access allows designated managers to determine employee-level access and views across teams. Giving your teams the at-a-glance dashboards and reports they need for maximum control and workflow efficiency.

Cloud-Based, Anytime Access

Our cloud-based system gives your team the ability to view up-to-date account information at any time from any device.

Instant Order Information

Your team can work smarter with real-time inventory and order information – accessing product from multiple warehouses, borrowing product from unfilled standing orders for critical orders, and knowing when shipments are due for backordered product.

Real-time eCommerce Integration

When combining our Sales Portal with our eCommerce module, all customer activity from the website; including quotes, orders, account information, and more, is instantly updated in the Sales Portal.

Save Your Company Time and Money

The CyberSense Sales Portal frees your staff from jumping from system-to-system to view and manage their customer accounts, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating initiatives for maximum growth.


Find out how our experts can help transform your business for optimal growth.